Donald Trump

Have you asked yourself why Donald Trump is growing more popular by the day? Have you been keen to notice the attention he is garnering from the media? I must say, Donald trump is the best strategist and he has the best public relations team in the history of world politics.

For a long time now, Americans have been considering Trump as a sideshow in the presidential race but today even democrats have started to see his might and his fame is worrying many. The decisions that will be made will matter so much in the history of the Americas and the world over. This is because of the hard facts and bare truths Trump presents to the people, which apparently no other candidate has the courage to say. In as much as Trump is spelling doom to the blacks, the Muslims in the states and the Mexicans, he indeed is becoming a favorite to many.

Donald Trump is a charismatic leader who has perfected in the art of persuasion. He has this unique technique that helps him appeal to issues that matter much in the lives of the Americans. Issues like terrorism, drug trafficking, job creation, economy and immigration. These issues are very sensitive that even if the citizens hate Trump, they have no option but to listen to him.

On most occasions Trump is wrong, but what matters is he always sounds right. In politics, force of character can be as important as facts. His charisma, his confident and decisive air, forms a huge part of this appeal. His confidence combined with his simple, intuitive answers articulated authoritatively resonates with voters on a deep level. Trump has positioned himself as an independent candidate, different from the rest in opinion and stand. This to some voters has made him immune to criticism. When the press reports on him so much for saying shocking things, it only help to heighten the focus on him from the voters and the entire world.

When all is said and done, with all the attention Trump has earned from the rest of the world, the final decision rests in the choices to be made by voters. In as much as he has been branded a hater and a racist who longs to get into power and start deporting all non-Americans, Donald Trump has his followers and those who believe strongly in his boldness and his manifestos. The world may comment as much, express fear and no confidence, question the sanity and credibility of Trump’s sentiments, we cannot do anything more than just watch and wait for the Americans to decide.



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