God’s finest creation,mother nature
with all perfection,splendid stature
absolute beauty,fully balanced
all in unity,man’s pride to glance

From the atmosphere to the eatth’s core
lofty mountains to simple hills and plains
towering trees in rain forests to thickets in the savannah
what a natural home,a beautiful habitat to behold.

Great oceans and deep seas
lakes and rivers, swamps and streams
form the earth’s water reservoirs
and a home for all aquatic life.

From earthquakes that rock the world
To tsunamis and hurricanes,
volcanic eruptions and land slides
natures fury,that man can never tame

The beauty of the rainbow
the amazing sight of a soaring eagle
The hardwork and teamwork of the ants
Nature’s wonders for man to learn from

all the animals in the wild,thousands of species
from the largest to the smallest,across the food chain
all depend on each other for survival,the game of the jungle
a perfect state of equilibrium as provided by nature

The rainy seasons to

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