John Abdub: Young and Ambitious Author

As the lecturers strike enters its second month, learning in public universities remains paralyzed. Final year students in some of the leading universities in the country have spent more than the required time in college due to the perennial strikes and other factors affecting higher learning in Kenya. Even with these problems, some students have found a meaningful way to make use of their time. 23 year old John Abdub Wako is one of them. He is a fourth year student in Moi University. He has authored two books and is working on his third. Here is his story.

“I was born in the village of Mata Arba, Marsabit County, but schooled and was brought up in Mombasa, where my dad was working with Kenya Navy till 2013, when the cruel hand of death snatched him from us.
I schooled in Kenya Navy Primary and then proceeded to Moi Forces Academy-Mombasa, before joining Moi University-Main Campus, Eldoret in the year 2014 to pursue a bachelors’ degree in Maritime Management.”

“I am a motivational speaker, leader and author of 2 inspirational books so far. “My Success My Choice” and “The Journey to Self-Realization”. I have been the Moi University Catholic Students Association Chairperson (2017), Africa Youth Leadership Forum (AYLF) coordinator Moi University Chapter, President of MALP (Mentorship, Authorship and Leadership Program) in Moi University (2017). I’m now the Secretary General of BUSA (Baliti University Students Association).

Tell us about your books
My first book majorly narrows itself in the choices we make in life. In all the daily programs we engage in, choices need to be made. Ultimately, the choices we make affect who and what we become. Our future is definitely defined by the choices we make. My second book focuses on the journey of self discovery, where we utilize our strength and grow it to be helpful to us. This is contrary to the usual norm of always focusing on the weakness. Before defining any dream or goal, we need to know our inner self and always believe in the power within – it is what is driving the world.
What inspires your writing?

I am inspired to write, for the reason of changing the world and having responsibility over it. If we all do good to the world, then it would be a better place to live without evil or destruction.

What else do you do now that the strike is on

After my course attachment, I was given a job contract of 3 months within the same company. However, I am still engaging in marketing and selling my books, while working on the third book.

What are your aspirations once you finally clear college?

My aspiration lies in making a difference in peoples’ lives. I wish to pursue my masters as I work on my industry(Maritime). Come 2022, I hope to vie for a political seat that will be a platform for me to make a change too.

Abdub shakes hands with Graca Machel as reknown south Sudan Hip Hop artist Emmanuel Jal looks on
What would be your message to other students and young people in general?

To my fellow young people, the world is a world of possibilities. The power is within us but the difference and degree of success is by how we realize our potential, and act upon all our plans and goals.

Never wait for someone to show you the way, beat the odds and show yourself the way. That way, we can achieve more.

To my fellow students, be more than mere class students. Make yourself busy with constructive things in your life. It’s not time to dream but live your dream now.

Until the strike is called off, find something important to do with your time. Can we have more young authors?

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