Timothy Otieno: Young and Passionate Broadcast Journalist

Meet Timothy Otieno, a graduate of Moi university class of 2014 and a broadcast journalist at KTN. At 25, he is among the youngest journalists on television in Kenya today. His skill in covering human interest stories and news features is unmatched and has earned him respect and love from the public. Timothy is a passionate storyteller and wishes that all young journalists would work hard to achieve their dreams. Having been with him in the same club on Campus, The Moi University Press Club, 3rd Eye, I reached out to him and we had this brief interview.

When did you get employed at KTN? What would you say enabled you to secure the employment?

“I got employment in 2016. I believe hard work, determination and an ability to source and execute interesting feature stories enabled me to get noticed by my employers and was thus given a chance.”

What genre of journalism interests you?

“I love human interest/feature stories. Those stories that touch on real people about real situations that affect ordinary people on a daily basis. I believe that’s the essence of real journalism. Real life stories of fear, triumph, inspiration and the likes.”

How is it in the newsroom? What challenges do you face as a young journalist?

“The modern day newsroom is really fast paced. In this day and age of social media and growing citizen journalism you have to be at the top of your game. Credibility is the biggest challenge any journalist (whether young or experienced) faces. Having people trust you and take you seriously was a challenge for me when I started out but I thank God I was able to prove myself over time.”

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Which local and or international journalist(s) inspire you?

“So many people inspire me, I cannot chose one. I believe each and every person inspires me differently. Locally, I admire Alex Chamwada and Jeff Koinange. I love Chamwada for his ability to do extraordinary stories; stories that are rare and not the usual news items people are used to. Koinange’s poise, articulation and TV presence really inspire me.

Internationally, I look up to so many people: CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, Richard Quest, Will Ripley, Mehdi Hasan of Aljazeera as well.”

Where would you want to be in the next 5 years? What are your aspirations?

Oh! I have big dreams. In the next few years I’m hoping to be working at an international media house but more importantly doing more globally oriented news features.

What would be your message to other young journalists?

“Always work hard and never give up on your dreams. Let no one despise your youth. Journalism has to be a passion driven by the desires of your heart. Also, always rely on God. He has His plans for you mapped out.”

More stories on young Journlaists in Kenya to come in the #YoungAndBold series.

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  1. Great insights indeed from Timothy Otieno.Nothing can hinder the firm resolve of a determined soul.

  2. As a young journalist too, I admire Timothy so much because he reminds me everyday that age is just a number in the newsrooms .
    His style of presentation and vocabulary inspires a lot of young journalists including myself.

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