When They Visit…

Such a beautiful place to be!

Far East, far from home

The journey was long

But the beauty here has paid it all

Beautiful people, beautiful nation

So green with lush bushes and

Amazing wildlife to behold

A hospitable and loving people

Who seem to get along pretty well

With their cultures so profound

Though our history classes taught us

That there are several warring communities here

The reality is pretty different

Their cultures unite them

Their diversities hold them together

They have a rich cultural heritage

Proud of their origins

Proud of their identities

We, in the west, think of them

As being primitive

But it’s their way of life

A beautiful and humble life

Peaceful and divine

Lovely bond between men

We travel this far to watch and learn

Amazing safari in this land

Hakuna Matata it’s peaceful and calm

Great lessons to take back home!


Photo courtesy: MaphillScreen Shot 2017-03-10 at 5.04.55 PM.png

News Reporter
Emmanuel Yegon is an all-round communicator who is passionate about photography, poetry, broadcast journalism and digital strategy. He is committed to growth in the field of communication and best practice of journalism. Co-Founder and Communications Director ~ Mobile Journalism Africa www.mobilejournalism.co.ke