Top Story Season 2 moves to KTN

Top story now moves to KTN. The second season of the TV show will start airing Thursday the 7th of September 2017 on KTN home.
The Top Story challenge is an investigative journalism competition that brings together the best journalism students from Kenya’s leading universities. These students are then trained and put through different tasks and real outdoor challenges and are expected to do actual stories which then forms the basis for the competition. The competition which is now at the semi-finals has seen 11 universities being disqualified and the results of the semi-finals are yet to be determined. Only 4 universities will proceed to the finals, and thereafter one winning team from a single university will receive the much coveted prize. The winners of the competition will receive a fully paid for, one week trip to London and while there a visit to BBC and Sky Sports.
The aim of the competition is to nurture the next crop of investigative journalists in Kenya. Having been at BBC as the head of African News and current affairs, the AfricaonAir managing director Joseph Warungu came up with the Top Story challenge as a way of giving back to the career that made him who he is today.
The program showcases the different skills attained by the participants throughout the training as well as the different stories they covered as part of the challenge.
As the story starts to air on KTN and as the competition nears its end, we only hope it helps to build the next generation of storytellers. They say only real storytellers will tell the tale. Whom shall it be?

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