On the cross there was pain

Pain when the lamb was slain

Slain to wash away the stain

The crimson stain


Jesus gave out his heart

A heart that loved yet hurt

Because of our sinful stain

The crimson stain


On that cross he taught us love

Love that comes from heaven above

Love that is sufficient enough

TO clean the crimson stain


That he loved us before we loved him

God loved us much that he sent him

Gave his only son sacrificed him

To clean the crimson stain


The blood shed at Calvary

Served as the key to eternity

To be with the father in glory

As it cleaned the crimson stain


Though they be as scarlet

Or as much as this planet

Come to him with a heart contrite

And let him clean the crimson stain


He went to with the father to be

To prepare mansions for us to be

That where He is we also may be

After He cleaned the crimson stain


Thank you dear Lord

For your step so bold

Divine sacrifice untold

All to clean our sinful stain



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