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Photo credits: Joshua Chesire
Ptikii primary

Deep in the Rift valley

Lays the vast Baringo County

Tourist destination in this country

But with so much that’s amiss


Ranging from matters insecurity

Cattle rustling in the community

Possession of arms and enmity

Education my concern our scrutiny


Kagir primary School in Baringo North

Is just an example among many

Its mud walled classes were washed away

And for months pupils studied under trees


Nachurur primary school in Tiaty

Stones as chairs trees as shelters

With the rains come the shelter

A school in the wild it is


Ptikii primary in Ngoron Tiaty

Has classes but no desks

Stones the only writing surfaces

For classes and exams as well


Under the trees all season

Sitting on stones writing on floors

Irresponsibility being the reason

Paralyzing the county’s education


Here is the irony

These very pupils

Compete with others countrywide

Who enjoy all the luxuries


A call to the county

A sincere plea to its leaders

Give those their right

That they may compete fairly


They are the tomorrow people

The future and hope of the county

Give them quality education

They need it to build the nation






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