Only the real story tellers will tell the tale


I have a story to tell

I hope I’m a good storyteller

Fit to tell this tale

The journey begun well

When we left for Brackenhurst

Tension, anxiety and uncertainty

Were the expressions all over our faces

Everything we had learnt in class

Was going to be put to test

60 students from 20 of Kenya’s leading universities!

Battling out for one prize!

“Good morning and welcome, this is my boot camp”…

“Some of you will cry…”

“Princi” words echo in my head till date

The master classes were indeed mastered

The trainers are masters in their trade

Experienced journalists in the industry

Great insights about the ethics of practice

And what to expect in the newsroom

By experienced news editor Eric Shimoli-unforgettable

“Be careful about whatsapp”… “be mindful of the trail you leave online…”

Well I had heard the phrase “the internet never forgets”

But this was a whole new level of intel

From the master himself, the Digital Humanitarian-Philip Ogolla

And now I have mastered my digital footprint

“It’s time for some outdoor activity”…we are going to test your resilience

And your teamwork.” I loved this part

Well, the lion rules the savannah

I loved the zeal the team had in climbing Jacob’s ladder

The other challenges were a lot easier, the psyche helped

In the end, the roar paid off, we won!

Now, there a lot more to come

Let’s wait and see what it’ll become

Just be sure that the outcome

Will be skilled journalists, so awesome

Prepared to tell the story

Because then, they’ll be real storytellers

Who will live to tell the tale


I’ll be one of them.

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