When We Pray

When we pray

He opens the way

For us to see Him as He truly is

For us to listen and learn from Him

When we pray

God listens and

Gives us of the desires of our hearts

He answers our wishes

When we pray

The impossible happens

Now it may take ages

But it’ll surely get answered

He wants us to believe

He desires of us to be pure

For the cries of a contrite heart

Finds favor in his eyes

When we pray

For ourselves and others alike

He is kind enough to listen

And to bless us all abundantly

When we faithfully repent

Our sins are washed away

For Christ died to make a way

Where for sinners was none

He is the alpha and omega

He was, is and will forever be

His grace is sufficient for all

And His love endures forever

When we pray

We connect with him

And in him all broken souls are mended

We grow, we are blessed when we pray

So pray dear brethren

Through joy and sorrow pray

Through triumphs and temptations pray

Do so unceasingly, with thanksgiving in your hearts,


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