There are forces so strong

around us that always throng

in our lives they tag along

only to Jesus do we belong


we may never understand

never fully to comprehend

though we struggle to amend

only to Jesus do we belong


Daily we struggle to do right

what is pleasing to God’s sight

yet we cannot by our own might

only to Jesus do we belong



The devil is on the prowl

on hilltops and valleys he howls

into our hearts daily he crawls

only to Jesus do we belong


As Peter cried to the Lord

‘Lord save me’ I sink oh Lord

our salvation is in the Lord

only t Jesus do we belong


The satisfaction we find in sin

the peace that existeth therein

yet it kills and destroys from within

only to Jesus do we belong


seek Him while he may be found

in this sinful world stand strong and bold

worship him in truth his blessings abound

only to Jesus do we surely belong







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