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Early Tuesday morning. I wake up tired and sickly from a ruthless cold and headache. Deep within I feel empty, like there is something lacking. I get out of bed, stretch, yawn then I take my morning dose of press-ups now that I stopped going for morning runs. Just as I pick my towel ready to go take a shower, I am disturbed by the boring and endless vibration from my phone. I sit down to check and alas! It’s my birthday! Friends, relatives and even Safaricom have sent their wishes.

I just turned 22. How could I have forgotten that it’s my birthday? I sit down to ponder. What does it mean to grow old? What does it take to celebrate yet another new year? What good have I done to be alive to celebrate another year as opposed to the many that’ve lost their lives? I arrive at a shocking but true conclusion; there is a purpose for each individual. There is a reason why I am still alive to see the new Year, new opportunities, and to fulfill my purpose here on earth.

Ever wondered why some people we at times consider ‘evil’ continue to prosper while those we think are ‘good’ either live in bad conditions or die early? God exercises the highest levels of patience we can never match. God wants to see the change in these bad people and gives everyone equal chances to realize their mistakes and change for the better.

A new year to me means a lot of things. First it’s a chance to make things right with the Lord. Another gracious chance to repent of sins and restructure our relationship with Christ. It is also a chance to reach out to the world and do our part in making it a better place, or rather put a smile on people’s faces. There are many people who are in need and I believe the ultimate satisfaction in this life is in helping others. My desire is to live a life of service to fellow man.

This is a new chapter in one’s life where everything shall be put to judgment by God. As you grow a year older, know that you are nearing the end of your time here on earth. What will it be when we shall all be standing before the master at the end of time? Would you be proud of having lived a life of service to others or would you be happy having had enough fun?

I wish we all make wise decisions as we turn on new pages in our lives. There is really nothing good that comes from the pleasures of this world. Let us all purpose to make our days better by reaching out to the needy around us. This way we shall surely be blessed. Peace.

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