The State of The State

Our forefathers weep in sorrow
They lie restless in their new homes
Tossing and turning in disbelief
Because of what we have done to Kenya

Dedan Kimathi and the other Mau Mau fighters
Who shed their blood for our freedom?
Wail loud from deep in their graves
For the new colonialists who still enslave us today

How much troubled is Wangare Maathai
With the current environmental threats
And recklessness with water towers
Wildlife and other natural resources

The idea of a free nation
Still remains a day dream
For every effort of progress
Are being thwarted by selfless politicians

Kenyans need wake up from slumber
Our land is being sold slowly
To foreigners in the name of investors
Our economy is crippled by cheap imports

Now is the time for change
Today is the day to decide
We cannot watch in silence
We must put an end to neocolonialism

2017 elections are drawing close
Do not sit back, make sure you vote
You’ve got the power to make the change
Vote in leaders and not politicians

To my fellow youth
Remain steadfast in this fight
Refuse to be used to cause mayhem
Be the voice of the next generationkenya_flag_map

News Reporter
My name is Emmanuel Yegon. Trained Communicator, Passionate storyteller with a bias toward smartphone storytelling. I am the Co-Founder and Communications Director at Mobile Journalism Africa. This platform is dedicated for human interest stories and features. Ask me about #MoJo