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For the fallen soldiers

From the commanders

To the sharpshooters

And esteemed paratroopers


Among you were fathers

With you were brothers

Beloved brothers and sisters

Sons, uncles and aunties


Members of the Amisom

You fought in unison

A great force of reason

Serving in great liaison


For years you have served

Honour and respect you deserved

In bounty or when starved

Your loyalty you preserved


You braved cold nights

Stood strong to fight

Till the enemy took the flight

Far beyond our borders sight


For so long you endured

All the bullet storms you sheltered

Wit grenades you were paltered

You maintained ground, unaltered








With the setting sun yesterday

Fate spelt doom on your day

The enemy crossed your way

There was no time for mayday


With the bullet your life wasted

62 of you brutally murdered

62 dreams alike totally shattered

The worst memory to be remembered


Even in death you remain heroes

Your victory will never be zeros

Against the enemy tide you rose

To protect our countries from foes








In our hearts you will forever live

In our memories you will remain alive

To remind us of the price

You paid with your lives in service

To our sovereign nation KENYA




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