Doesn’t mean being under

It means true submission

Asking God to take charge

Giving him the opportunity to be in charge

To be in control of every situation

Determine the course of every condition

It is my prayer for this generation

That we find the sense of true submission

Through the power of God’s interaction

And the Holy Spirit’s conviction

To seek god’s constant intervention

And guidance as we journey home

To show us the way to our true home

Everlasting life in his kingdom

And that we may learn of the kingdom

Its principles and all it takes to be there

And living that way while here

That the world may see Him in us

And be blessed by the light in us

For however much we want to make history

It is never about us, let’s share his story

Let the world know the one true God

Live, love and share the love of God

Portray Christ in your actions each day

Let it be worth the price he did pay

On that cross of Calvary where He hung

The pain and shame just so we belong

To the one true eternal family

Heirs of the throne, one Kingdom, one family

Oh that we who are called by His name!

In humility submit and call upon his name

Faithfully pray unceasingly and repent

Seek His face and shun evil intent

And prepare to meet Him in His second advent!

James 4:7 Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

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