Ultimate Test For America

The ultimate test for America

Known to be the world’s best
At the top among the rest
A free world rich and blest
Behold America’s ultimate test

A time to write a new story
In the world’s political history
To uphold the nation’s glory
The world watches with awe and worry

From the days of George Washington
Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Johnson
Benjamin Harrison, Woodrow Wilson
Would Obama be replaced by Clinton?

A test to every American citizen
In this election they are the specimen
To complete the political experiment
That will determine the fate of men

44 former presidents all male
All this while there is no female
Who made it to the grand finale
To be part of the nation’s tale

The race to the Whitehouse is on
Would the Americans vote in Clinton
As the first female president of the nation?
To the grand Whitehouse in Washington?

The world watches with anticipation
As the Americans make the decision
Republicans and democrats alike
Citizens of the mighty U.S.A

Would the women vote for Clinton?
Would any man vote in Clinton?
Would she fail for being a woman?
Would the 45th president be a man?

News Reporter
My name is Emmanuel Yegon. Trained Communicator, Passionate storyteller with a bias toward smartphone storytelling. I am the Co-Founder and Communications Director at Mobile Journalism Africa. This platform is dedicated for human interest stories and features. Ask me about #MoJo