Go tell the world

Listen ye saints
You who have received the light through Christ
You who were commissioned to go out to the cities
To the towns and the villages
To teach His word and make them disciples
Go tell the world of his love
Teach them of his commandments
Show them by your actions
That they may know of the Father in heaven
That they may experience his love
That comes with obeying his commandments
Go tell the world of true love
Tell them of the divine sacrifice
Christ’s death on the cross
A shameful, painful death
For the redemption of all sinners
Tell them that He died for all of them
That whosoever believes may live
And be with the father in heaven till eternity
Call them all to repentance
That the price was paid on the cross at Calvary
Let them know that through repentance comes forgiveness
And that every sinful stain
Would be washed away
By the blood of the lamb
Go tell the world of his second coming
Let them know that the second advent draweth nigh
Refer them to the message of the 3 angels in Revelations 14
That they should fear God and give glory to Him
For the hour of His judgment is come
Let the world know that He is coming
With a reward in his hands
And He will give everyone according to his work
Go tell the world that as sure as Christ’s resurrection
Is his second coming
And that every eye shall see Him come
To take home those who defeated sin
Those who will be redeemed as first fruits unto God and to the lamb
Walk therefore according to the light
And let your light so shine among men
That they may know that Christ is in you
And be blessed by that light
Tell the world of the greatest commandment
That which is love
That you may love one another
Just as Christ loved us all.

News Reporter
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