Willie Oeba on Justice
Willie Oeba is an urban spoken word poet from Nakuru. The 3rd year student of media studies in Moi University has perfected the art of the spoken word. With a lot of performances that have featured in most of the television stations, Oeba has plans to launch his brand Oebaism this December.
This piece about justice caught my eye, at a time when we as a country need it most. Now I’ll let spoken word poetry do what it does best, speak.
 Kabla Death haijanock na struggles za life kuniweka cottton, itabidi tupambane.
This is where the truth-lies, round this tusidanganyane,
Ignorance ni sawa na kutumia soprano Ku address matter iko issue based.
Chuo sikuwa at my Best Na Mode wangu hakuwa Modest.
Memories soo clear akiniita ngombe,
Sahii natumia sanaa kujilisha atleast siko zero grazed.
What you see is what you get,
Performance tu ndio electric
In Real Life Siko Double phased
Drama ya life ni ati sazingine voice ya actor haifanani na subtitle.
Mahali natoka,Sheria inabagua,
truth ni utaland in trouble si depending na deed umefanya sana sana kama huna Title.
Vitu petty ndio zinatrend tumesahau what it feels like kuadress Vitu Vital.
Immorality bado ina rule kwa inchi viongozi walikuwa sworn-in kutumia bible
Dreams kubwa kushinda size ya kitanda,Reality ndio iko on the for front na wanahabari on Air kuziundia castle
Naishi kwa nchi inanisaidia  kupostpone my dreams
Now the only country na pledge alligence to,
Ni procrastiNation.
Narrative ya the great inafavour wafu.
Kile hawajui now the heroes live among us,
Sisi ndio the makers of a Nation.
At this day and age, nashangaa kama bado opinion inacount,
voice of truth iko rounded off to the nearest zero kama possibility of an estimation
To spice it all up,nyama ilishakulwa kile kimebaki ni the borne of contention
Actions ndio in a separate the word Choices na Decision
Mahali natoka hata the Blind hupanga laini kuchagua viongozi hawana vision
Sijawai ona success story yenye haina Mission.
Generation ya sahii iko talented to talk about justice with precise precision
One nation,courtesy to injustices, tuko divided only under one Condition
Si kila message sincere,
Wengine wanapreach peace kusupress justice
Truth just is
The peace tunaenjoy inadepend on justice
My Friends at the high places ndio The Law,
Sisi wengine tuna practice
Tumelive a lie for so long,
I don’t know what you can do,
Together we can do better than this.
Nime jaribu Ku give to scissor but pay cut can’t allow this
Wakiuliza Sasa nitafanyaje
Waambie let’s do this.
Come over nikushow vile tuta over come this,
Repition inabore sikuona reason ya kuandika piece ya peace
nikaandika kuhusu justice!
Oeba will be doing his debut launch event dubbed Oebaism under the concept “Defend the Promise “
The event seeks to feature other 3 acts.That is comedian Duncan from Churchill Show, Evansqueze -spoken word artist, Nadia exclusive-musician and Mashairi Nyatta. The event will be held in Nakuru CBD, Nuru Palace Hotel as it aims to drive spoken word scene into a fully independent industry.
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