maragaSenior counsel,

I thank God for this opportunity to write to you. I thank Him also for giving you the opportunity to serve our country Kenya as the president of the Supreme Court. Congratulations on your appointment. I laud your resilience and your astounding declaration that you won’t compromise the Sabbath. The Lord God is honored because of this and I believe it is the reason you found favor in His eyes and in the judgement of the committee.

I believe you understand the task that lies ahead of you. I have this to ask of you as you start off duty: that you help put an end to work on Sabbath by working with religious leaders and those in the public service to ensure that official working days are only Monday to Friday. This will go a long way in helping those who have not been able to worship in the past because of duty. The heavens will be filled with joy and God’s name shall be glorified. I won’t promise you that it will be an easy task, but I assure you, that God will work his way through you until it is done.

A lot awaits you, challenges are imminent, but God the omnipotent is with you. I, all Kenyans pray for you as you serve in the judicial system.

May God bless and guide all your steps.


Yours faithfully,

Brother in faith

Yegon Emmanuel


News Reporter
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