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A meeting was held in heaven

By the Lord of hosts and his angels

To rescue man who had fallen

To  break him loose from sin’s shackles


Whom do I sent to the nations?

To redeem the fallen generations?

Silence reigned after these questions

in the holy of holies was deep meditation


Humble in spirit Jesus arose

Before his father that day he chose

“Send me father” please I propose

that in my death they find repose


He left his throne up above

Came down to earth to serve

that his deeds we may observe

and with others share the love


He chose twelve as followers

To be witnesses of his ministry

from fishermen to fishers of men

He walked with them three years


Even after 3 years of service

And communion with Jesus christ

There still was found malice

Selfishness and money lust


Even on the night of his arrest

He faced denial from the rest

Even Simon Peter the closest

He stood alone in the test


Up on the cross of calvary

He got the shock of the century

That a man accused of thievery

recognized Him as saviour-received eternity


When He said “It is finished”

And placed his soul at God’s hands

His hope had diminished

He died of a broken heart


This is what broke his heart

That for all his days on earth

No one understood his saving path

Not even the disciples he chose to be part


Come ye therefore to his park

Seek Him always not when stuck

For soon he is coming back

That we may have life, and have it abundantly.

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