For God so loved the world,that He gave His only begotten son,that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting
life.(John 3:16)
This man Jesus,
He left the comfort of heaven,
the company of his Father and the heavenly host
and taking the form and nature of a human being
came down to earth to save mortal man

This man Jesus
He came as a stranger
was born in a manger
A king was born in Bethlehem
to lead a noble course of redemption

This man Jesus
So humble a man,
selfless and full of compassion
healed the sick, restored sight to the blind,
cleansed lepers and exorcised the possesed

This man Jesus
In His Majesty as the son of the most high God
was crucified at the cross of calvary
and hanging on that cross He said it is FINISHED
He bore the pain and shame that we may live.

This man Jesus
Even in death he restored sight
to the very roman soldier who pierced Him at His side
and promised eternity to the repentant thief
who saw no sin in Christ.

This man Jesus
2000 years ago when he resurrected till today
is seated at the right hand of the father
constantly interceding for us
and asking God to have mercy on fallen man

This man Jesus
christ our Lord, He is I am
He watches us from heaven,as we rush into sin
But still gives us grace,,second chances too many
let us run to him,we’ll be safe in His arm

This man Jesus
He bought salvation,all for free
He is the way,the truth and the life
That every knee that believes should bow
and every tongue confess that He is Lord,and they will be saved

This man Jesus
Went home to prepare a place
for in His father’s house are many mansions
only those who are fit,will inherit His kingdom
For He is coming again but to take His children home

Our Lord Jesus
all he needs is a contrite heart,
repent therefore and sin no more,
seek His face and pray even more,
that you may acquire immortality and avoid God’s wrath

Jesus is coming again! SOON!

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