By Yegon Emmanuel

Dear Kenyans,
Dear brothers and sisters,
Today I decide to write,
I write to you all my brethren,
So please listen and listen carefully.

Our beloved country Kenya,
Kenya our motherland,
So great with 42 tribes,
All with diverse and rich cultures,
A country we’ve built for years.

Our forefathers fought for it,
Blood was shed for our independence,
Today we stand a free nation,
Free from the bondage of slavery,
We now celebrate five decades of self-rule.

But today I mourn,
From deep within I cry,
I cry because of what I see,
What I hear and what I read,
Where did the rain of forgetfulness start beating us

As if post poll chaos were not enough,
To remind us of the ills of ethni9city,
We so actively brew hatred in social media,
Endlessly hurling threats at each other,
Have we forgotten too soon?

Through divide and rule they govern,
Swaying the masses and dividing the citizens,
As we fight and kill each other in the grassroots,
The same politicians enjoy talks over coffee in cities
Of what use is the division?

Who will be the voice of reason?
Who, with me shall stand the test of time?
The youth of this nation; will you join me?
In this campaign to eradicate social media misuse?
Will you help in restructuring fallen systems?

Let us all rise to the challenge,
And together hold hands and fight,
For the future belongs to us,
And our tomorrow greatly depends on our today,
In solidarity may we stand to defend our mother country.

With one accord let our motto be:
K____________________killing negative
E ___________________ethnicity
N___________________nepotism and other ills as
God bless

News Reporter
My name is Emmanuel Yegon. Trained Communicator, Passionate storyteller with a bias toward smartphone storytelling. I am the Co-Founder and Communications Director at Mobile Journalism Africa. This platform is dedicated for human interest stories and features. Ask me about #MoJo