Rest in Peace Comrades

24 hours before Good Friday…
Just a normal day in campus, or so you hoped
At the crack of dawn, before the sun had popped
Most of you were still in bed, your dreams had seldom stopped
Then the unexpected happened, the enemy raided.

As innocent as you were, unaware and uninformed
As you lay in your beds, sleepy and unprepared
As you welcomed a new day, with set goals to be achieved
You received a straying guest, a trespasser- uninvited

Death is a monster, a destroyer of dreams
A shrewd thief, a killer of destiny
A great liar indeed, cunning and untimely
You have stolen from us comrades, brothers and sisters

They say the early bird, surely catches the worm
But great focus is on the success of the bird, and not the fate of the worm
The Somali militants have poked into Kenya’s future, causing havoc in Garrissa University College
All day long brutally killing students, not just them, but Kenya’s very future- their dreams.

We have lost you comrades, 147 of you in a single day
Future leaders gone early, and unwilling in every way
A great challenge to all of us, whom you’ve left behind to stay
That life can be very short, and all we need do is pray
I therefore say a solemn prayer, for you our beloved
May your souls rest in peace, in eternal peace
And may you forgive them, for they know not what they do
That our father in heaven may forgive you too.

Rest in peace comrades #WEAREONE

News Reporter
My name is Emmanuel Yegon. Trained Communicator, Passionate storyteller with a bias toward smartphone storytelling. I am the Co-Founder and Communications Director at Mobile Journalism Africa. This platform is dedicated for human interest stories and features. Ask me about #MoJo