Gone too soon

You suffered the blow of a fight you didn’t start

A fight you know nothing about


I remember every hustle we went through

How we struggled with life in the village

With the Video-show we started together

Together trying to make a dollar each day

I remember very well those morning runs

When we braved the cold to keep fit

When you prepared for the recruitment

Up and down those steep slopes

You were always faster than me

And you had to wait for me to catch up

I recall without fail the nights we spent together

At nyanya’s place for supper and endless stories

The late nights after the late matches

And the worries we shared over increased Super sport bouquet prices

I wouldn’t forget the ploughing

At the farm down by the stream

And the sugarcane we loved so much

I remember the way we used to cycle back home

After I closed the Mpesa shop in Mailisaba

And the usual long trek home

My elder brothers whom you studied together in Kapchepsir

You always got along well like siblings

Growing up together into ambitious young men

I remember like it was yesterday

When you came back from Saboti

With the good news that you had been picked

After a long night of medical tests

And a tedious day running around town

I saw hope

I was so happy for you

It indeed was the best thing to happen

After so long a time of trying

I knew at last after so long a time of trying

I knew that you would at last complete

The studies you had put on hold

Due to financial constraints

I knew you would better the lives of everyone

I knew all was going to be well

And I thanked God for the opportunity

That he gave you to serve this country

In the capacity of an administration officer

The pass out was in February last year

I missed attending it but it was the greatest news

You had graduated at last!

You endured the 9 month-long training

Phase one of the dream was done


15 months later


The 1st of June 2017

I’m a bitter man

I’m bitter because of your dream

Your dream that has been cut shot

We’re left but with sorrow

Knowing that you’re no more breaks our hearts

It’s painful that you departed too soon

The reality of your absence hasn’t yet dawned

I will forever struggle to believe that you are no more

I’m bitter because I’ve lost a brother

A friend and a champion for this nation

You believed you were called to serve

To protect and to maintain order in this country

You gave out your heart to service

And yet somehow you’re gone

Gone too soon, too painfully brother

Your life was taken by an IED in Lamu

When you were out on patrol with your team

I cannot bear the imagination of how it happened

How just abruptly the patrol was cut shot

The picture of the wrecked armored vehicle is proof enough00410438-9eaecf3b95d3dfd73290dff392fe8cd1-arc614x376-w285-us1.png


That your life was painfully taken

I am uncertain if I’ll ever find peace

I don’t know if my soul will find rest

Journey well brother Steve

Our roads are now unsafe

We cannot be certain about where we walk

Our trails are unsafe with these IEDs

I don’t know where we’re heading as a nation

On matters security

There definitely is an enemy within our borders

I wonder what the authorities are doing

But I wouldn’t start a fight with them today

As the Nation celebrates madaraka

You’re lying cold and lifeless in a morgue

You suffered the blow of a fight you didn’t start

A fight you know nothing about

But I celebrate your resilience this day

Your persistence and zeal to achieve your goals

In protecting others you lost your dear life

May your reward be triple in heaven

Kwaheri kaka Steve

Fair thee well brother

We miss you big time!


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