It’s Up to Us


Tearing us apart

yet we are part

Of this place on earth

This vast black continent

The place we call home

Where we’ve sheltered every storm

Our place of origin and fame

Where everyday we yearn to reclaim

Restore it to tits original state

Rallying the youth and the 4th estate

To collectively take responsibility

To restore our lost dignity

That we should all rise and hold

Our hands together

Make moves so bold

To liberate our country

From today’s colonialists

Who use our resources

For their selfish interests

Divide us along our tribes

While we suffer unemployment

And we have to give bribes

Selfish leaders who,

Alone want to remain rich

While poverty drags us all down to the ditch

With a staggering economy

And a huge public debt

Endless strikes due to poor payment

Poor state of our public hospitals

Surviving in constantly expanding slums

While they live in lavish residentials

People dying of hunger

While they traverse the country

In the hunt for numbers

All in the name of voter mobilization

Bleed no more for them to lead

Heed this call dear Kenyans I plead

Let’s sow in our hearts love’s seed

That we live together in peace and unity

Love one another as brothers and sisters

Let’s live by the words of our national anthem

Uphold the values of nationalism

Stand to defend our beloved country

Build our motherland!

News Reporter
My name is Emmanuel Yegon. Trained Communicator, Passionate storyteller with a bias toward smartphone storytelling. I am the Co-Founder and Communications Director at Mobile Journalism Africa. This platform is dedicated for human interest stories and features. Ask me about #MoJo