9/28/2015 14:20:33 PM
Like a thief in the night
in dazzling and brilliant light
accompanied with the heavenly flight
The son of God in our sight

You may have given up
the devil might have laid a trap
the journey might have been long and weary
you have likened this to a fairy

It’s time to seal the deal
Awaken the spiritual zeal
unwind from the sinful reel
for the second advent is real

For the sinful there is worry
damnation awaits it will be sorry
For the righteous there is glory
heavenly peace with song and story

Repent now and sin no more
change your ways and pray more
surrender to Christ the salvation core
with Him to heaven you will soar

It’s soon there’s no more stay
at Calvary the price he did pay
of our sinfulness and earthly way
on the 3rd day he rose from where he lay

With His Father He eternally reigns
at His right hand petitioning our sins
He will come to redeem the righteous ones
And His coming is NO FAIRY TALE

JESUS is on His way!

News Reporter
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