I am Just Human

I am Just Human
You look a little shaken
Disturbed and afar taken
You even think I am alien
I am just human

On the streets when I walk
With your eyes staring stalk
Muffled speech whisper talk
I am just human

My skin color your concern
Whenever I pass you must turn
Your mind’s questions I can discern
I am just human

Since birth I have had questions
For my parents endless petitions
The society has no submissions
I am just human

My skin color is an issue
No pigmentation in my tissue
Black is only on my shoe
I am just human

Albinism is no disability
And I am not a commodity
Dad, mum, I am no liability
I am just human

Treat me like you do others
Mwalimu teach me like the others
Sisters and nieces am just a brother
I am just human

I have accepted my condition
I am happy with my situation
Albinism is just a color
I am just human

Photo credits: Yegon Emmanuel(lensofadventureke on IG)
Location: Ilula school Eldoret
Event: #albinismIsjustAColour

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