Our environment
By Yegon Emmanuel
Nature is like an incubator and so is the environment. In its natural and unique way,it takes in whatever man does and gives back in equal measure. For every activity either good or bad,conservative or destructive,improving or reducing, nature reciprocates. The environment around us is very essential for our survival as higher intelligent organisms and also for the survival of other lower organisms that in one way or the other depend on it. There has to be a symbiotic relationship between the organisms and the environment positively. History and times however have it that man has become the enemy of the environment. Contrary to the divine order given to man by God,to subdue the earth and to be stewards of God’s creation,man has been on the forefront in destroying what God made beautiful and wonderful. A lot problems today relating to climate change and adverse results of the destruction of natural resources,are as a result of man’s greed and ignorance.

Today,even in the wake of knowledge and education on the effects of pollution,careless felling of trees and the implications of excessive industrialization, man continues to strip nature of its very stature! No single day will pass by without the news of illegal logging in the forests of Congo,or of an industry directing its wastes to rivers. Nothing appeals the eyes in all towns and cities because of tons and tons of carelessly thrown litter. Tycoons will be reported to be clearing forests to get farming land ignoring the impending effects. We celebrate everyday when new industries are opened as they create employment opportunities,yet we fail to consider the increasing carbon levels from the smoke in these industries that lead to global warming,the destruction of the ozone and the resultant melting of ice in the polar regions raising the sea levels. This entire process is cyclic and each step leads to the other,the effects thereafter coming back to man:the pioneer.

Kenya will remember the late Wangare Maathai for ages,for the simple role of reminding us the importance of having trees in our environment. This role however became hard as it wasn’t obvious for everyone that our environment would be better with trees and that is why she won a noble prize for going against all odds,even the then government to ensure that the environment was kept clean and green. I speak today from her thoughts and would wish to know where her fight is at the moment. She had a strong passion for trees and according to her if you haven’t dug a hole,planted a tree,watered it and ensured its survival,you haven’t done anything, you are just talking. I adore her concern for the generations to come and today I ask, what are we doing to ensure that we make Kenya a better place than we found,for the next generation to be happy in? I echo the nobel prize winner by saying that we owe it to ourselves and to the next generation to conserve the environment so that we can bequeath our children a sustainable world that benefits all.

Credit goes to all organizations and companies today that aim at generating environmentally friendly products. Envirofit Kenya,M-kopa solar just to mention but a few,have made a stride in the clean and safe way of obtaining energy in our homes. Kenya would be in a better place if every company being set up would be enviro-friendly and those already set up ensure they treat any waste before releasing it.

Imagine how our environment would be,if even in the process of industrialization,we conserve the available resources,generate more resources through recycling of wastes and properly dispose off waste materials. How much more would it cost us to conserve our environment? Which is more expensive? Conserving it or trying to recreate and maintain an already destroyed and polluted environment? Let us have our moves right and always endeavour to have and maintain a clean and green environment.

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