The pain that encompasses mourning
the sombre mood in the morning
the long history engraved in the eulogy
death that strikes with no apology
pain, the loss of loved ones
distress that follows the loss
children rendered orphans
wives rendered widows in the process
the moments so devastating
when the preacher ends the service
from ashes to ashes, dust to dust
when the reality of the loss dawns
the torment of the final moment
when it’s time to lower the casket
filling the grave with mounds of soil
never to see the person again
I lift my eyes to the tree at Calvary
everything that transpired at Golgotha
the unspoken shock that met the disciples
heartbreaking pain that befell virgin Mary
witnessing christ carrying the heavy cross
with the lashes that peeled his back
to the crown of thorns on his head
excruciating pain from the nails through his hands
the piercing the soldier made at his side
yet in all this he cried it is finished
he still loved and gave his life for all
that in believing, just believing all may be saved
this is how we know true love through sacrifice
salvation for all was given that evening
the disciples were left hopeless
uncertain of the days without rabbi
the fear of what the Romans would do
as the sabbath day drew near
as they took down his body from the cross
to lay it in that sepulchure hewn in stone
what hopelessness clouded their thoughts
in laying down their master in death
yet through the darkness that reigned in days past
shone a divine ray of hope
that brightened their faces, mend their broken hearts
the hope centered in the risen christ
what joy filled their hearts!
life given freely to the fallen human race
that in believing salvation is granted
joy to the world through christ
an assurance of life after death
life abundant, sufficient grace
perfect lesson to man through His death and ressurection
that hope should not be burried in death
nor should the grave strike anyone with fear
but that we jave faith in the risen christ
and in His assurance of eternity
abundant grace and life beyond the grave.

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