Sunday, March 29, 2020

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Meet Sallinder Nyawira, 28, a single mother to a one year old boy and key Accounts Manager for SAFISHA. You must have seen her tweets, but if not, here is her story. Salinder Nyawira is the founder and marketer of RescueBnB, a collaborative organization...

What would tradition lose if I was not cut? A cry from Dadaab

"...How did I become a child born in the land and be not a daughter of the land? If I stay in the camp I see my dreams trade for a loss and frustrations grow in my head like forest moss... If I take the road...

UNICEF Generation 2030; What you need to know

Cynthia Nyongesa is the founder of  a blog that highlights the stories of young Africans using life and leadership skills to positively impact their communities. She also interviews game changers and influencers in various fields as a way of mentoring the youth. Cynthia is...

Our Stories are Best Told by Us Mobile devices are revolutionizing storytelling. Journalists and other trained communicators are using them to tell stories from different locations altogether. These devices, we choose to call 'pocket Studios' are the new way of doing stories in both a simple and professional way. We believe...

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