Monday, April 6, 2020

Fighting The Cut in Banjul-The Gambia

Marie Jeng is a 2nd year Law student at the University of The Gambia and also the assistant Information and Public Relations Officer of the Law Students Association. She is a poet, 2-time debate champion, and 5-time crowned beauty queen in the university. Marie...

Tackling FGM in Eritrea and Sweden

Fatma Naib is a journalist, producer, film maker and anti-FGM advocate, formerly with Al Jazeera English. She is based in Stockholm Sweden and has worked from the Middle East for over ten years. Being a journalist she has reported from across the Middle East,...

I Am Back To Continue Telling People Stories

It’s been a while since I published anything here, or like you guys say, “it’s been a minute.” I started writing on my basic wordpress account when I was in college. At that time, it was the coolest thing to do. I must...

Fighting The Cut in Nigeria-the SIRP Way

Society for the Improvement of Rural People (SIRP) is an NGO based in Enugu State of Nigeria. The organization was founded in the year 1988 and was officially registered in 1999. Dr Chris N. Ugwu, the founder is also the Executive-Director at SIRP. The...

One on one with Eric Wainaina

At the mention of his name, the song Daima Mkenya immediately comes to mind. Eric wainaina continues to be an inspiration to many as his messages in his songs have in Kenya’s recent past been used to unify people and reinstate the sense of...

If we want progress in #FightingTheCut we must involve men

The #EndFGM conversation has been going on for so long now. Mostly, women have been at the center of this conversation. However, men haven't been left out in this. Tony Mwebia is one among the few men in Kenya who actively engages in the...

FGM and the Law in Nigeria

Courtesy of SIRP Nigeria Did you know that currently in Nigeria, 20 million women and girls have been mutilated and yet there has been no conviction? In this article we dwelt on the two major reasons for this in Nigeria.  We also looked at the...

Preserving history and other lessons from Rwanda

Loosely translated as remember 25, Kwibuka 25 is the sign that welcomes those visiting the compound of the Kigali genocide memorial. It is a coincidence that I am 25 when visiting the memorial that harbors commemorations of what happened to the...

Why involving men in the fight against FGM is key

“We as men are mostly the reason why these girls have to go through the cut. Involving the men is really a game changer. It is a very noble campaign and I hope the county government will come in to help promote his campaign so that no more girls are cut.”

Why The Women’s Run Kenya 2018 is Important

You probably have a sister, mother, cousin, aunt or friend who has been assaulted either physically or sexually or both, at work, in town or in other social spaces. So let’s have a look at these statistics. The Kenya Bureau of Statistics Economic Survey...

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