Friday, September 20, 2019

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Meet Sallinder Nyawira, 28, a single mother to a one year old boy and key Accounts Manager for SAFISHA. You must have seen her tweets, but if not, here is her story. Salinder Nyawira is the founder and marketer of RescueBnB, a collaborative organization...

Why The Women’s Run Kenya 2018 is Important

You probably have a sister, mother, cousin, aunt or friend who has been assaulted either physically or sexually or both, at work, in town or in other social spaces. So let’s have a look at these statistics. The Kenya Bureau of Statistics Economic Survey...

Plastic ban a good move but more needs to be done

Kenya is set to join Rwanda in the realization of a plastic free environment. Unlike in Rwanda, the process in Kenya has just started with the recent ban of the use and manufacture of plastic bags that takes effect from 1st September this year. The...

John Abdub: Young and Ambitious Author

As the lecturers strike enters its second month, learning in public universities remains paralyzed. Final year students in some of the leading universities in the country have spent more than the required time in college due to the perennial strikes and other factors affecting...

Why involving men in the fight against FGM is key

“We as men are mostly the reason why these girls have to go through the cut. Involving the men is really a game changer. It is a very noble campaign and I hope the county government will come in to help promote his campaign so that no more girls are cut.”

Timothy Otieno: Young and Passionate Broadcast Journalist

Meet Timothy Otieno, a graduate of Moi university class of 2014 and a broadcast journalist at KTN. At 25, he is among the youngest journalists on television in Kenya today. His skill in covering human interest stories and news features is unmatched and has...

Fighting the cut in Nigeria

Female genital mutilation FGM is widely practiced in Nigeria, a country which, with its large population has the highest absolute number of cases of FGM in the world. The number of FGM cases in Nigeria accounts for one-quarter of the estimated 115-130 million circumcised...

Investigative Journalism; John-Allan Namu’s take

When listing the few investigative journalists in Kenya, John-Allan Namu’s name comes at the top. John-Allan Namu is a former Features’ Editor and Investigative Reporter at KTN. Upon leaving mainstream media, he, together with Kassim Mohammed, Mohammed Ali and Wanjala Were co-founded Africa Uncensored...

Top Story Season 2 moves to KTN

Top story now moves to KTN. The second season of the TV show will start airing Thursday the 7th of September 2017 on KTN home. The Top Story challenge is an investigative journalism competition that brings together the best journalism students from Kenya’s leading universities....

This man Muthiora Kariara

Having vied for the presidential seat in the hotly contested 2017 general election, Eliud Muthiora Kariara will forever be etched in the memory of Kenyans as the youngest ever presidential aspirant. At the age of 35, he sought election into the country’s top job...

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