Monday, September 21, 2020

Ya Maisha maswali

  Asubuhi tuamkapo Mchana tuzungukapo Na usiku tulalapo Twajiuliza ni vipi?   Jana ilienda wapi? Kesho mejificha wapi? Leo tunaishi vipi? Twajiuliza ni vipi?   Kuzaliwa salmini Kuishi kwa Imani Kifo na huzuni Twajiuliza ni vipi?   Duniani mabilioni Hewa safi mapafuni Yatutosha sote aushini Twajiuliza ni vipi?   Maisha kama maua Furaha ndo kuchanua Kunyauka ndo kuua Twajiuliza ni vipi?       Wazee na wachanga Wote wenda kwa mchanga Rutuba kwa mimea...

Yes it’s New Year, What next?

Early Tuesday morning. I wake up tired and sickly from a ruthless cold and headache. Deep within I feel empty, like there is something lacking. I get out of bed, stretch, yawn then I take my morning dose of press-ups now that I stopped...

I Speak For the Intersex

  Now I understand very well What it means to be born different Normal yet very different Yet the difference may not be apparent When I was born a lot happened The community thought we were cursed My own father abandoned me Left my mother thinking she was cursed I was brought up...

Baada ya upekuzi

Hi leo nawaza, nawazua maswala tata Huzuni menijaza, maiaji ovyo yalowapata Wakaazi kuwaliza, vilio na huzuni yakata Serikali yafanyani? Wakenya waangamia   Makala ya jicho pevu, yanayofanya kwa makini Zaonyesha ulegevu, kwa usalama nchini Serikali ni nyamavu, wakenya wamo taabani Serikali yafanyani? Wakenya waangamia   Wana-adamu na hawa, wamegeuka hayawani Ule upendo na usawa, umegeuka...

Willie Oeba on Justice

Willie Oeba is an urban spoken word poet from Nakuru. The 3rd year student of media studies in Moi University has perfected the art of the spoken word. With a lot of performances that have featured in most of the television stations, Oeba has...

Let God

Broken? Tormented, shaken? Disappointed, down trodden? Discouraged, helpless, aback taken? Just before you let go Let God Whirlwinds? Storms and darkness? Forces too much to harness? Fears and worries endless? Before you let go Let God Blood? Sweat and pain? Struggles without gain? Your fight isn’t in vain Before you let go, Let God Sorrow? The loss of relations? Christ is the consolation There’s hope...


        For the fallen soldiers From the commanders To the sharpshooters And esteemed paratroopers   Among you were fathers With you were brothers Beloved brothers and sisters Sons, uncles and aunties   Members of the Amisom You fought in unison A great force of reason Serving in great liaison   For years you have served Honour and respect you deserved In bounty...

Only the real story tellers will tell the tale

Top Story Africa brings together journalists from Kenya's leading universities to a competition that'll see them learn from the industry's best. This is Top Story Season 2. 20 universities are participating. I, together with my team, represent Moi university.

Donald Trump

Have you asked yourself why Donald Trump is growing more popular by the day? Have you been keen to notice the attention he is garnering from the media? I must say, Donald trump is the best strategist and he has the best public relations...

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