Thursday, August 22, 2019


IF ONLY! By: Yegon Emmanuel If only I were a leader, though I surely am. If only I had the ability to change Kenya in one day though I surely can! If only we knew the degree of neglect by our leaders and the extent to...


For God so loved the world,that He gave His only begotten son,that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.(John 3:16) This man Jesus, He left the comfort of heaven, the company of his Father and the heavenly host and taking the form and...

Come on Kenyans! Arise!

Fellow citizens! Could you sit and watch from home? And let politicians fight their battles? Can you let them play their dirty game? Would there be tear gas? If we all remained in our homes? And worked to better our lives? Would lives be lost in the stampede? There is no sobriety...

Beyond The Grave

The pain that encompasses mourning the sombre mood in the morning the long history engraved in the eulogy death that strikes with no apology pain, the loss of loved ones distress that follows the loss children rendered orphans wives rendered widows in the process the moments so devastating when the preacher ends the...

Tukomeshe Ukeketaji

Mimi ni mtoto msichana Masomo kwangu ya maana Ombi langu kwa jamii Tukomeshe ukeketaji   Utamaduni huu wa zama Watudhuru sana mama Ombi langu kwa jamii Tukomeshe ukeketaji   Napenda sana kusoma Ili shida zipate kuhama Ombi langu kwa jamii Tukomeshe ukeketaji   Sihitaji kwa sasa kuozwa Ila nafasi ya kusoma kutuzwa Ombi langu kwa jamii Tukomeshe ukeketaji   Hauna faida zozote Ila taabu kwetu...

He Died Of A Broken Heart

A meeting was held in heaven By the Lord of hosts and his angels To rescue man who had fallen To  break him loose from sin's shackles   Whom do I sent to the nations? To redeem the fallen generations? Silence reigned after these questions in the holy of holies was deep...


Let there be no regrets after valentines

Ya Maisha maswali

  Asubuhi tuamkapo Mchana tuzungukapo Na usiku tulalapo Twajiuliza ni vipi?   Jana ilienda wapi? Kesho mejificha wapi? Leo tunaishi vipi? Twajiuliza ni vipi?   Kuzaliwa salmini Kuishi kwa Imani Kifo na huzuni Twajiuliza ni vipi?   Duniani mabilioni Hewa safi mapafuni Yatutosha sote aushini Twajiuliza ni vipi?   Maisha kama maua Furaha ndo kuchanua Kunyauka ndo kuua Twajiuliza ni vipi?       Wazee na wachanga Wote wenda kwa mchanga Rutuba kwa mimea...

To Jesus we belong

There are forces so strong around us that always throng in our lives they tag along only to Jesus do we belong   we may never understand never fully to comprehend though we struggle to amend only to Jesus do we belong   Daily we struggle to do right what is pleasing to God’s sight yet...

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